Fix Error Code x80070005 during Microsoft Office Activation

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  • Fix Error Code x80070005 during Office Activation
  • Fix Error Code x80070005 after updating Windows

Sometimes, the problems surface out of nowhere. This has been the case, even with the Office installations. Everything seems to be fine for a moment. Suddenly, the program starts showcasing an error bearing the following description:

error code 0x80070005

The error code primarily means that activation service does not have access to sufficient user permissions.

It is difficult to figure out the single cause for this error since there could be several reasons for the said error code. But what seems to be symptomatic of the fundamental problem is privileges restriction.

To easily resolve the “0x80070005” error code during Office activation, follow the steps below.

Office Error Code 0x80070005 during Activation

First, make sure you have the latest fixes available for activation errors. To do this, open any Office application, like Word or Excel. Click File > Account. Under Product Information, click Update Options and check the ‘Update Now’ option.

error code 0x80070005

If for some reason, the option is not visible to you, click Update Options > Enable Updates to turn on automatic updates.

error code 0x80070005

After that, click Update Options > Update Now.

Now launch any office program (eg. Microsoft Word or Excel) by right clicking its shortcut and selecting ‘Run as Administrator’. If this does not work, try this alternative. Close all Office programs. Click the Windows 10 Start button visible in the lower-left corner of your screen.

In the search bar that turns active ‘enter any Office application name, like Excel. The Excel program icon should instantaneously appear in the search results.

error code 0x80070005

Now, right-click the Excel icon, and select the option ‘Run as administrator’.

error code 0x80070005

Then, simply follow the activation steps. If the activation wizard doesn’t show up. Try the following:

  • Go to File > Account > Activate Product to continue.

Fix Error Code x80070005 after updating Windows

If the 0x80070005 error started after updating Windows, you can fix the issue by updating the registry.

error code 0x80070005
  • Close all Office apps.
  • Right-click the Windows button in the lower left-hand corner of your screen and select Run.
error code 0x80070005
  • In the Open box, type regedit, and select OK.Select Yes when prompted to allow Registry Editor to make changes to your device.
error code 0x80070005
  • In the Registry Editor, expand HKEY_USERS and select S-1-5-20.
error code 0x80070005
  • Right-click S-1-5-20 and select Permissions.
  • Select Add.
error code 0x80070005
  • Type the logged in user’s name, select Check Names, and then select OK.
error code 0x80070005
  • Select Advanced.
error code 0x80070005
  • In Advanced Security Settings, on the Permissions tab, select the user you just added, and then select Edit.
error code 0x80070005
  • Under Basic permissions, select Full Control, and then select OK.This takes you back to Advanced Security Settings.
error code 0x80070005
  • In Advanced Security Settings, on the Permissions tab, select NETWORK SERVICE, and then select Edit.
  • Under Basic permissions, select Full Control (if not already selected), and then select OK.This takes you back to Advanced Security Settings.
  • In Advanced Security Settings, select the checkbox named Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries form this object and select OK.
  • Close Registry Editor and restart any Office app to try activating again.

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